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Judges vs. The Drongo Brothers: An Example of Play

We have a big preview of Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD for you this week! Three pages, containing an "example of play".

Diane, Karl, Olivia and Sylvester are playing in an adventure run by Lena. They play a group of Judges: Diane and Sylvester are Street Judges, Karl is a Tek Judge while Olivia is a Psi Judge. The team are in the process of trying to track down and arrest the infamous perp and all round bad guy Spuggy Mullet. They are now in Rick Astley Block, outside apartment 117BF, home of the dangerous Drongo brothers. The Judges earlier arrested and questioned the eldest of the three brothers, Dag Drongo, who has confirmed the three are expecting to meet with Mullet in the very near future…

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You are THE LAW! Check Out The Street Judge Career

Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000AD provides a wide variety of career options for Judges. Med Judges, Tek Judges, Psi Judges, the Wally Squad, Riot Squad, SJS, even Space Corps and Holocaust Judges, and many Judges will take more than one different Judge career during their lifetime. One of these many careers is the Street Judge!

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